Allroots Venture Capital offers a unique range of industry know-how, renown mentorship and professional early-stage investor support. Our core purpose is to help young teams achieve their business goals. Together we aim to build a long-term support which aims to help early business’s stand out and create a unique impact in their industries.

Our selected network of investors, mentors and industry leaders reside in the European food, energy, logistics and consumer products sector. Our extended network consists of handpicked 25 investors from 15 different nations across the world with various business and industry ties.

Founders and Entrepreneurs will enjoy meaningful conversations, impactful support in an honest and trusted environment. Our network aims to help founders reach their full potential, in order for their businesses to flourish.

How do we work? Send us your pitch-deck and we aim to select our collaborations accordingly. We aim to find the perfect fit for you - team and investor must find a common ground for a business concept to flourish.

Our core focus is the business’s success – as an investor our core aspiration is “honesty is key!” – both investors and founders should always feel supported and comfortable to voice their opinions at any stage of their business life-cycle. Thus: we aim to create value by finding the right mentor and investor mix for you.

We aim to support early stage founders with ticket sizes between €50,000-€250,000, with a geographic investment focus being Europe. Our aim is to push founders to growth and support their financial stability and fundraising efforts. We offer follow-up investments with the intent of offering a unique network of experienced investors.

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